Ask the doc………I have arthritis in my knee and hip

“I have arthritis in my knee and hip. My doctor told me that it’s good to exercise but when I do it hurts. Should I do it anyway?”

Study: Many heavy kids think they’re normal weight

NEW YORK (AP) - Nearly a third of children in a national survey didn’t have an accurate idea of their own weight - most of them heavy or obese children who viewed themselves as normal. These false impressions were more ...

Climate Change Can Affect Your Health

According to the Office of Minority Health, In 2011 African Americans were 20 percent more likely than whites to have asthma and three times as likely to die from it. Add the fact that communities of color and low-income communities ...

Live to 100: Number of centenarians has doubled

It is Her Majesty's custom to send a personal greeting to her subjects on their 100th birthdays. These days the Queen of England has a lot more letters to write.

Diet failure is not your fault

When weight loss and fitness expert Phoenix Gilman relocated from California to the metro Atlanta area a few years ago, she continued her steadfast mission to revolutionize the way the public thinks and about food and the way they consume ...

Ask the Doc...If The Problem Persists - See A Specialist

“If someone has had an injury or surgery on a bone or joint that has healed, but they are still having problems, can anything else be done to help them?”

1.8 million pounds of beef recalled for E. coli risk

The United States Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Monday that 1.8 pounds of ground beef products are being recalled on fears that they may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7.

L.O.F.T.Y. Goal in Preventing Teen Pregnancy

When Lenonya Beebe took her teenage daughter Winifrid to the doctor to get her started on birth control; both mother and child never figured it would already be too late.

US warns of risks with fibroid removal procedure

The Food and Drug Administration is warning American women that a device-assisted procedure for treating growths in the uterus could inadvertently spread cancer to other parts of the body.

Ask the Doc....'There Are Many Different Types Of Arthritis'

Q: “I was told that age has caused my arthritis. Then why do some of my joints hurt and not others?”

Former NFLer: Don't go through life exhausted

I wake up most days with the same goals in mind: Be a good husband. Show my children how much I love them. Perform my job the best I can. Enjoy life.

Ask the Doc....'Can my flat feet be related to the arthritis of my knees?’

Because many remain without symptoms for years, they are unaware of the real significance of flat feet. Some even joke about the fact that when their feet are wet, no arch can be seen at all. Others feel that since ...

Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Diabetics have to take special care of their feet. The disease can cause peripheral neuropathy—otherwise known as nerve damage.

Watch Out for Prediabetes

Being overweight comes with chronic disease risks, such as higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. These increase the risk of developing other diseases, including diabetes, which is at epidemic levels in the black community.

Georgians join thousands to beat the ACA Deadline

Georgians, along with tens of thousands of Americans, visited HealthCare.gov and flooded into ACA enrollment locations around the nation over the weekend, and more are doing so Monday, as the signup deadline approaches midnight for the federally-backed program.