ABC-TV Gets Its First Black Entertainment Group President

The president of the ABC Entertainment Group is departing amid low ratings, to be replaced by the first African-American to head a broadcast TV network.

How Shonda Rhimes broke out of her shell

honda Rhimes, who owns ABC’s Thursday night (with hit dramas “Grey’s Anatomy,’’ “Scandal’’ and “How to Get Away With Murder’’), had found comfort and refuge in ShondaLand, the dream factory she rules as a mega-producer and writer.

AV’s Georgia Book Reading List

There may be a summer and fall book season but for true book lovers reading books is for all seasons, all year long.

Hundreds Drawn to Atlanta by the Same Love

It was an eclectic bunch--retirees, school teachers, government workers, military wives, business owners, writers, a radio announcer and even a former star professional basketball player.

Captain America being replaced by African-American partner

(CNN) -- Move over, Steve Rogers. Let the Falcon take wing.

Former Sports Writer Turns Marketing ‘Guru’

Curtis Bunn, the Russell Simmons of urban fiction marketing, became a best-selling author when he quit his dream job to lead his dream existence.

Rappers’ Daughters Co-Write Novel

Who says black youth don’t like to read or write? And who says kids today have nothing positive to do or say?

Thurmond To Discuss the Price of “Freedom”

There’s no better authority on how businesses get away with paying workers little to no wages than Michael Thurmond.

Changing Graphics, Animating Words

Some might have called it inevitable but the emergence of e-books and digital comics has been a slow grind of “Are you serious?” and “Real readers want to feel an actual book (or comic) in their hand.”