HBO Go crashes under heavy 'Game of Thrones' demand

A rush of viewers onto the cable network's mobile streaming app for the season premiere of "Game of Thrones" caused it to crash, making it inaccessible for many.

Out & About in Atlanta (April 4 - 11)

Your arts & entertainment calendar for metro Atlanta. Listings may change without notice.

NBC releases New Drama starring Actor Lance Gross

Premiering Sunday, March 16 NBC’s new original drama “Crisis” starring Lance Gross brings on the danger and the opportunity. A familiar genre, this crime-thriller combines espionage, suspense, and action, drawing comparisons to shows such as “24” and “Homeland.”

The Rise of Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan loves the mega-romantic film "The Notebook," isn't afraid to admit his fear of snakes, supports same-sex marriage and makes Kelly Ripa giggle like no one else.

Pharrell Williams joining 'The Voice'

NBC tweeted confirmation on Monday that Pharrell Williams will be joining the show as a coach for Season 7 of the reality singing competition.

Denzel Washington on 'Raisin' and Sidney Poitier

The Denzel Washington you meet backstage at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre is not exactly living a glamorous Hollywood life. He's more like a college kid during finals.

New Mavericks: Female Directors

One of the films features the niece of comedy legend Dave Chappelle.

Out & About in Atlanta (March 28 - April 3)

Your arts & entertainment calendar for metro Atlanta. Listings may change without notice.

Out & About in Atlanta (March 21 - 27)

Welcome to Atlanta, where there is plenty to do and experience when you are out and about.

Out & About in Atlanta (March 14 - 20)

March 14: Mint Condition, Center Stage. 8:30 p.m.


When President Barack Obama spoke out last week against the crime, violence and poverty that ensnares young men of color in epidemic numbers, he might have been voicing a promo for "Chicagoland,’’ the docuseries debuting this past Thursday on CNN.

'12 Years a Slave' Named Best Picture at Oscars

The searing drama "12 Years a Slave" was named best picture at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Graffiti vandal hits Spike Lee's old block

A graffiti vandal hit the home owned by Spike Lee's father and a neighboring home in Brooklyn Friday -- days after the filmmaker's curse-filled rant against the gentrification enveloping his old neighborhood.

Out & About in Atlanta (Feb. 28 - March 6)

March 17: Robin Thicke, Fox Theater. 7:45 p.m.

The Arts & Entertainment Notebook

The Academy Awards should be full of surprises.