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YOUR VOICE: Did the marriage clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, deserve to be jailed for exercising her rights in deny marriage licenses to gay couples?

Coralee Hall, Atlanta “Absolutely she deserved to be jailed because she swore an oath of public office and when the law changed she was still sworn to her public office.

YOUR VOICE: What are your thoughts and/or feelings on the connections being made in the media of a relationship between the recent murders of police officers and the #blacklivesmatter movement?

M.A. Davidson, Atlanta “Connections between #blacklivesmatter and the recent cop killings: NONE. That organization is not that deep; they don’t have that kind of flexibility nor do they have that kind of financing. Those are underground splinter groups that are ...

YOUR VOICE: What are your thoughts and/or feelings regarding civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson comments on Pres. Obama having “failed” black people when it comes to economic empowerment?

Tracy Sellers, Red Oak “I just think, regardless if you white or black, if what has taken place is to help the black people, if a law is passed, white people are going to gain from that. It’s not, specifically ...

YOUR VOICE: Pittsburg Steelers linebacker James Harrison sent the “participation trophies” his two sons received back, stating no one in his home gets a trophy for just showing up.

Larisa Cockham, Fayetteville “I feel like it’s a good confidence builder. And I feel, if you explain to them that this is a trophy just for participation and nothing more that that and that they need to strive to do ...

YOUR VOICE: As Donald Trump continues to defy the odds, how close do you think his campaign will make it to the Republican nomination?

Christopher Scott, Atlanta “I don’t think he will get the Republican nomination, per se, because Donald Trump aligns himself with a lot things that will disenfranchise the Republican vote.

YOUR VOICE: As a new school year starts in the wake of pass accreditation controversies and testing scandals, are we doing enough to prepare our kids for secondary education?

Nicole Butler, Stone Mountain “I definitely think we are. My daughter attends school in DeKalb County and DeKalb has a new superintendent, Dr. Green, who has come in recently and he is going to move things in the right direction.”

YOUR VOICE: What do you think the investigation into the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown will reveal… murder, accident or suicide?

Kwes Zachary, Atlanta “I think it’s going reveal murder. I think all of the signs are pointing to foul play. It just seems a bit too coincidental for anything else in my opinion.”

YOUR VOICE: What was your gut reaction to the Sandra Bland incident, the black woman in Texas who was found dead in her jail cell after being arrested for reasons related to a minor traffic violation?

Cody Perryman, Atlanta “Initially after hearing the report and hearing what happened I knew there was a cover-up going on. I would say I felt rage because now it’s continuous and now it’s going from them targeting black men to ...

YOUR VOICE: What’s your reaction to the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP’s desire to have the sculpture of Confederate generals removed from Stone Mountain?

Logan Locke, Atlanta “I think the people of the NAACP don’t know their own history because the NAACP was founded by both blacks and whites… and the NAACP has turned itself into a racist organization!”

YOUR VOICE: What’s your reaction to BounceTV removing “The Cosby Show” from its schedule due to Bill Cosby admitting he purchased Quaaludes to use for seducing women?

James Pitts, Decatur “I understand it from a business standpoint, that if they don’t do something about it, it’ll be construed that they condoned what he did. It’s a business decision.”

YOUR VOICE: Former Mayor Andrew Young says the problems we face don’t have anything to do with the Confederate flag. Do you think we should be worried about the flag or is it a waste of time?

Charity Hamidulah, Atlanta “I sort of agree with his opinion. For instance, on my way to my soccer game, I saw some man carrying a Confederate flag, right down Boulevard. It was a shock to see at first, but then ...

YOUR VOICE: In light of the incident in Charleston SC, do you think churches should have armed security?

Micheal Reaver, John’s Creek “I think arming security is a secondary issue. I think it’s trying to attack a symptom rather than the cause of the illness, which in this case, is racism, flat out.

YOUR VOICE: At 72 percent, Georgia’s high school graduation rate is 9 points lower than the national average. Why do you think that is?

“Personally, to a certain extent, I believe it’s the teachers. All they see is a check, well, most of them. The students, they can, sort of feel that they are not really there for them.

YOUR VOICE: Did Georgia do the right thing when it joined 24 other states that are suing the Obama Administration over amnesty for young illegal aliens?

Shaniya Colonel, Riverdale “I don’t think it’s fair they are blaming the kids for their parents’ actions… There is so much opportunity here for work and colleges and I guess, by sending them back, you are limiting their opportunities in ...

YOUR VOICE: What’s one thing you think the police need to do to earn the public trust?

Shelby Johnson, Atlanta “Demilitarize immediately. I don’t know why every cop on the street has enough riot gear to to take on a militia. I think that’s not cool.