Your Voice


"What’s the best advice your father ever gave you?"

“He always told me to be a better man than himself, and honestly, I don’t think I live up to that.”

Once it is completed, can you foresee riding Atlanta’s downtown trolley?

“Only on tours and special occasions."

Do Atlanta’s police officers deserve more than a one-percent pay raise?

“I think they deserve more money because we have to depend on the police to protect us, to protect our homes while we are at work."

"What are you thoughts on the fraud charges against State Rep. Tyrone Brooks?"

“I think it’s unfortunate for someone who has done so much for civil rights to have this situation to tarnish his legacy."

"Is it worth it to go deep in debt to pay for a college education?"

“I think it is worth it because if you get a degree you can do something with it afterwards to make it back up."

"As Mother’s Day approaches, what is one thing you can say that makes your mother special to you?"

“The reason I love my mother so much is not only did she make a lot of sacrifices for me, she raised me as a single parent, kept food on the table and a roof over my head and helped ...

"Will NBA Center Jason Collins ‘coming out’ as gay, change the game of basketball?"

“I don’t think its going to change the game as a whole."

“Why are black men frequently reluctant to see a doctor?”

“It’s not just black men."

“Do you think the new Falcons stadium will help the surrounding communities?”

“You have streets in this neighborhood... that aren’t even paved and you’re putting a billion dollar stadium here that you are trying to squeeze into a spot..."

“What do we need to do to increase wealth in the black community?”

“First of all, have good successorship for the business that are already in our community and patronize those business and keep our dollar in the black community, more so than we are doing now...”

“Should the NAACP sue to stop Governor Deal from replacing six DeKalb school board members?”

“I do not think the NAACP should pursue Governor Nathan Deal on the elected officials because most people on the ballot that we elect, we don’t even know.”

“Do you think Gov. Deal should be allowed to remove six members of the DeKalb County school board?”

"On one hand, I believe there have been a lot of issues with the board and we need to clean house..."

“As the nation commemorates the one-year anniversary of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, what do you think will be its legacy?”

“I think the legacy of Trayvon Martin would be that we need to teach our young men how to stay alive in a culture that is basically designed to be against us as black males. It’s totally up to us...”

“The DeKalb school board filed a lawsuit this week challenging Governor Deal’s power to remove them from office. What do you think?”

“My thought is that if one system isn’t working, its time to do an overhaul and look at some new ideas and some new people that might be able to come in and make some new changes.”

Do you think teachers and school personnel should be trained and allowed to carry arms at school?

“I believe they should give out courses to teachers because I feel like the only way you can stop a bad man with a gun is with somebody whose good with a gun."