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Your Voice 10-17-13-2014: With the death of the first Ebola victim here in the U.S., do you think we are doing enough to secure ourselves from the Ebola epidemic?

With the death of the first Ebola victim here in the U.S., do you think we are doing enough to secure ourselves from the Ebola epidemic?

YOUR VOICE: With all of the racial controversy revolving around statements made by the Atlanta Hawks owner and management, will selling the team make a difference?

“I think it will make a difference because everything comes from the head. The head leads the body. So if it’s coming down from the head, racial slurs and such, from the top heads of the Hawk organization, you are ...

YOUR VOICE: President Obama has already committed more than a 1,000 military personnel to Iraq and many in both political parties in Congress are happy with that and want to send more. Do you think we

“I am not sure because I don’t think they’ve fully disclosed [to us] the matters why they have been sent over. I find the government at fault for a couple things already so… “

Your Voice: How do you feel about people or media outlets who out someone they suspect to be gay/lesbian?

“I don’t know that anyone should out anybody. But I feel that people should come to terms with who they are for them to out themselves. We should allow them to grow into that; into whoever they believe who they ...

Your Voice: In light of the week’s events in Syria, what do you think President Obama should do?

“I think he should stay out of Syria. I personally believe that interventionist policies are counter-productive when there are some problems going on in our own country…"

Your Voice: Do you believe the pre-season predictions that the Atlanta Falcons will make it to the Super Bowl?

“The only way the Falcons will make it to the Super Bowl is if their defense steps up and plays ball. If you noticed last year, in every game, they ran out gas in the fourth quarter.”

Your Voice: "What stood out to you in Obama’s address at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington?"

“When he spoke about the Black men staying in the family or staying in the home and raising his son."

Your Voice: "How has the shooting incident at McNair Learning Academy affected your opinion on school security?"

“School security needs to be increased overall. It needs to be consistent across the state, across the nation. There needs to be a better protocol in place …"

Your Voice: "What are you doing at home to ensure your child’s academic success?"

“I, nightly, review her assignments as well as hire an outside source for tutoring and I review her grades on a daily basis.”

Your Voice: "Do you think you will feel safer with an armed police officer in your school?"

“No, I would not feel safer with a police officer with guns in the school.”

Your Voice: "How do you feel about armed police officers patrolling inside Atlanta Public Schools?"

“I think it’s good to give extra security for the students and teachers and parents. I don’t see it as a problem, I have seen officers in the buildings and it’s been a big help.”

Your Voice: "Do you think Georgia’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law should be eliminated?"

“You should have the right to defend yourself. It was not used right in Florida. Trayvon Martin should’ve had the right to defend himself.”

"Do you have any interest in riding the giant SkyView ferris wheel downtown?"

“I think it’s going to generate revenue. I think it’s good for the community and I am going to ride it.”

"Do you think George Zimmerman will be convicted for killing Trayvon Martin?"

“I do not believe the prosecution is doing a good job of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of manslaughter and murder."

"Should Paula Deen be allowed back on the Food Network and would you follow her and her products?"

“Absolutely not and no I wouldn’t. I’m from Savannah, actually, and I feel like the whole thing she did was incredibly racist and she got caught with her foot in her mouth and now she has to pay the consequences.”