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YOUR VOICE: Did you play the lottery and what would you do with a billion dollar jackpot?

Shaylen Singleton, Lithonia “Yes I played it and I would half of it to my mom, some to my dad and save the rest of it. I don’t usually play it, I just did it this one time.”

YOUR VOICE: Is Bill Cosby, actually, going to jail and do you think he should?

Gabrielle Williams, Statesboro “I don’t think that he will go to jail. Should he go? I am not really sure… We don’t know where his mind is; if he feels any type of remorse for these crimes. If he’s denying ...

YOUR VOICE: What’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

Charles Hayes, Fayetteville “To pray more, eat better and work out. And to evaluate my friends; you have to do that in order to move up in life.”

YOUR VOICE: What is your favorite holiday memory?

Queen Sheba, Atlanta “When I was growing up, my mother would always make homemade cookies on Christmas Eve…

YOUR VOICE: Do you think the problem of domestic terrorism will be solved with more guns or less guns?

David Price, Atlanta “I am a gun owner and if they come to my neighborhood with that messy madness, my gun will put a solution to that. All it takes for good men to react and stop evil every time. ...

YOUR VOICE: Should the U.S. government follows Donald Trump’s lead and closed our borders to all Muslims?

Kenneth Lewis, Fayetteville “It’s a very bad idea because it sparks an issue. You already have Muslims living in America so, by extension, you’d have to get rid of the Muslims that are already here.

YOUR VOICE: Is the National Fraternal Order of Police’s request to allow off-duty and retired officers to carry their guns in NFL stadiums a good idea?

Jeff Wright, Decatur “No, they will be drinking and there’s already issues in the news about them carrying weapons and killing people… I wouldn’t want to be around anybody drunk that is carrying a gun… There are already armed guards ...

YOUR VOICE: What’s one thing you are thankful for and what is one thing you think we should all be thankful for?

Shunta Jones, College Park “I am thankful for family and I think we should all be thankful for family because without it, where would you be in life.”

YOUR VOICE: In light of the ISIS attacks in cities all over the world, should Syrian refugees be allowed to reach America via Hartsfield, the busiest airport in America?

Zaynah Mason, Atlanta “Yes because it’s impossible to say that all Syrians are going to be terrorists, as when 9/11 happened, you can’t expect all Muslims to be terrorists because they are not.”

YOUR VOICE: How much of a threat is the #blacklivesmatter movement and should law enforcement have them under surveillance?

John Gelzer, Marrietta “I do not believe it is a dangerous organization and I believe that people have freedom of organization. There’s no reason the police should have any surveillance over the organization.”

YOUR VOICE: What are your thoughts and/or feelings on the link to the rise in violent crime being, in part, a result of police being reluctant to respond for fear of scrutiny, according to the heads o

Fredrick Ephram, Lithonia I think the system created all of this. I think it’s an excuse… I really don’t feel the police are being overly scrutinized. I think it’s a lack of discipline in the police system as well as ...

YOUR VOICE: What should we do to deal with unruly students in the classroom and how far is too far?

Marlin Carter, Fayetteville “We should, definitely, not implement any harm to the students. We should use, maybe, pressure points, just to remove the child from the classroom, using minimum necessary force. We should subdue the individual and not implement harm.”

YOUR VOICE: How do you think Martin Luther King would feel about having a ‘Liberty Bell’ placed at the top of Stone Mountain in honor of his name?

Dean Curtin, Alpharetta “It does not reflect the modern times that we are in. So, to me, it’s not symbolic of what’s going on today. I think he (Martin Luther King) would agree. Especially with what’s going on with the ...

YOUR VOICE: What responsibility, if any, should a gun dealer have for selling a firearm to someone that appears to be irrational and that person uses it to kill people?

James Pennie, Atlanta “At the end of the day people have to be responsible for their own actions… If you decide to take gun and go kill someone, just because you are angry, upset or mad or just to prove ...

YOUR VOICE: How do you feel about members of the Atlanta Board of Education and school district staff marching together in the 2015 Atlanta Gay Pride Parade this weekend?

Raine Beckett, Decatur “I can’t say that I feel one or another about it….They are just representing what they have to deal with because nowandays there are a lot of kids that are gay and lesbian so I don’t see ...