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YOUR VOICE: In light of the recent gunning down of police in Baton Rogue and Dallas, should Atlanta police officers be worried?

Anthony Wright, Atlanta “…I think there’s, certainly, a reason for concern for what has occurred and that they should be cautious as they move through their jobs. It is unfortunate but, because of the overall energy, the overall challenge that ...

YOUR VOICE: What is one lesson you think we should take from the recent violent tragedies revolving around the relationship between African Americans and the police?

Tina Clarke Decatur “I think that we should all stand together. I was really moved when I saw, in Dallas, that they were having a #blacklivesmatter and pro-police rally and then they, kind of, combined forces.

YOUR VOICE: You are one of the 60,000 who crossed the finish line at the Peachtree Road Race so tell us, how was your run?

Christie Jones Stockbridge “I’ve done this seven times. I think I did pretty good, not as well as a I normally do, but pretty good. I do this to ward off the crazies! I have four children and I am ...

YOUR VOICE: Should people on the ‘No-Fly List’ be allowed to purchase guns?

Tamika Angola Harper Fayetteville “My answer is, no. However, there is a caveat to that. I would say that under the Obama Administration, I would feel comfo rtable with utilizing that method of eliminating those individuals who should not have ...

YOUR VOICE: Should we follow Philadelphia’s example and charge a tax on sugary soft drinks in Atlanta?

Patrice Ware, Atlanta “No… As a peoples’ choice, that’s a hard no. You can control what people put in their mouths. I think it’s for a health benefit tactic or they want more money because everybody drinks soda. I don’t ...

YOUR VOICE: Should we ban semi-automatics like the AR-15 rifle that was used in the Orlando shooting?

Jessica Booth, Atlanta “Absolutely, I agree, it should be banned. I understand that there are some people who feel that they have a need for this weapon due to sports hunting however there are other alternatives to weapons.

Do you think developers, who are building luxury-priced apartments in the Metro Atlanta area should be required to create affordable living spaces for working middle and low income Atlantans?

Elicionne Washington, Atlanta “Yes I do. I feel that everything is a balance, so if you create that balance as far as the lower class, middle class, high class, then, the economy doesn’t get all screwed up. So I agree, ...

YOUR VOICE: With ridership down 40% and usage not covering it’s cost, should the Atlanta Streetcar program continue?

Simone Monet Ellenwood “Absolutely not. I think Atlanta was not designed for streetcars or ‘keeping up with the Jones.’ Look at San Francisco, they’ve had streetcars for years

YOUR VOICE: Now that he has been criminally indicted, what do you think will happen to Bill Cosby now?

Matthew Harrigan, Atlanta “Honestly they should let the man live, because he’s ready to die, anyway. They should let him rock and keep doing what he’s doing… They might lock him up for no reason because as soon as they ...

YOUR VOICE: Are we taking North Carolina’s gender law too seriously or not seriously enough?

Denard Gastin, Atlanta “I have no issues with it all. I don’t think [North Carolina’s law] is taking it too far. It’s pretty silly but, hey, it is politics. What can you expect?”

YOUR VOICE: Do you think the Atlanta University Center schools take the threat of sexual assault seriously enough?

Amber Cleburne, Baltimore “I think with Spelman and Morehouse reputations, I think they take more steps to cover it up rather than solving the problem. As far as Clark Atlanta is concerned, I haven’t heard many cases of it.

YOUR VOICE: Do you think ‘vaping’ should be treated the same as smoking and relegated to outdoor use only and not inside public spaces?

LaNisha Bates, College Park “I feel like it should smoked on the outside… A lot of people don’t like smoking period and the vapor that you are smoking could be an allergic reaction for someone else. So I think any ...

YOUR VOICE: Since it’s still legal in Georgia, should we bring corporal punishment back to the schools?

Heather Perkins, Cartersville “Absolutely, because we’ve got too damn many hoodlums running around. Parents aren’t parenting.”

YOUR VOICE: Do you feel that we are taking the threat of the Zika virus serious enough?

Waymon Carothers, Atlanta “At first they were under-reacting. Now they are over-reacting, to get that balance… so that everybody will feel safe.”

YOUR VOICE: What do you think of Mayor Kasim Reed’s banning of city travel to North Carolina in the wake of the state’s recent anti-LGBTQ law?

Chante Robinson, Atlanta “I am actually pretty excited about it and I completely agree…