Do you think teachers and school personnel should be trained and allowed to carry arms at school?

“I believe they should give out courses to teachers because I feel like the only way you can stop a bad man with a gun is with somebody whose good with a gun."

“What are you doing, personally, to commemorate Black History Month?”

“My focus during Black History Month is writing a book called 'One Hundred Years of Atlanta Black Heritage.'"

“Do you think the government should ban the purchase of assault weapons?”

“I think that the government should ban assault rifles because, with their high capacity for killing power, it would make more sense for them to be banned..."

“What do you think President Obama should focus on in his second term?”

“What I want Obama to focus on for this next term is basically being honest with himself..."

“How will you observe the MLK Jr. Holiday?”

“”We are going to be working. Cutting hair. Because if it wasn’t for King, we wouldn’t be able to be working, so we’re going to be working.”

Highlighting the everyday accomplishments of everyday people

Atlanta native Tracye D. Bryant was named CEO of The Ryan Cameron Foundation.

Highlighting the everyday accomplishments of everyday people

Dr. Thomas Coleman has joined the advisory board of directors of Georgia Piedmont Technical College (GPTC) in Clarkston.

“What is your New Year’s resolution for 2013?”

“My New Year’s resolution is to cook and eat better, be a more involved parent and to bring my business to the next level.”

Classic power broker, quiet legend: Jesse Hill

Think about all the significant developments in Atlanta’s ascension to international status: the civil rights movement, Maynard Jackson’s election as the city’s first black mayor, the launch of MARTA, Andrew Young’s election to U.S. Congress, the integration of Atlanta’s schools, ...

New Application Period for 19 DPS Schools runs through March 15

For the first time, Detroit Public Schools has assembled and communicated the process for its 19 Application Schools to families seeking to apply for spots in schools for the 2012-13 school year. The schools range from a number of elementary ...

The Friends of Hattie B. Humphrey presents 2012 Civic Birthday

Onward Christian Soldiers, Missionary has expressed her concern about aggressively confronting the onslaught of issues we are facing in this day and time.