Banks Bid Farewell to Payday Loans

More good news keeps coming for consumers in early 2014. On the heels of new mortgage rules that took effect January 10, the following week four banks making payday loans pulled their products from the market.

Buffett backs $1 billion NCAA bracket contest

Warren Buffett might be the epitome of the cautious investor, but he's betting $1 billion on this year's NCAA tournament.

How Beats headphones changed the audio world

The University of Georgia junior first got a pair of Beats by Dre Studio headphones for Christmas in 2008. They were a revelation, she says, especially for someone used to Apple earbuds.

Music Sparks Great Awakening for Elders With Dementia

Music & Memory, the non-profit "re-awakening" elders with dementia through the use of music and iPods, scored an unlikely video hit last year that's been viewed more than seven million times.

Ally paying $98M to resolve US auto-loan claims

Ally Financial Inc. is paying $98 million to resolve U.S. government claims that minority borrowers were charged higher rates on its auto loans than whites with similar credit histories.

Credit Card Debt Threatens Black Middle Class

Still reeling from the Great Recession, middle class blacks are maintaining their status by using credit to help cover their basic living expenses, according to a report from the NAACP and public policy research organization, Demos.

‘State of MARTA’ provides vision of vibrant future

Welcome to the bustling metropolis of parking lot traffic that lights up like Christmas for miles around at any given time.

More private college presidents earning over $1 million

As the dream of college remains unaffordable for many students and leaves others in mountains of debt, a growing number of private-college presidents are taking home more than $1 million a year.

Booming Entrepreneurship Among Black Women

Most of the businesses are one-woman shows: According to the National Women’s Business Council, 96.5 percent of Black woman-owned firms are non-employer status.

Gift Guide: Navigating maze of phone, plan choices

So you're ready to buy a new smartphone for your loved one. Which do you choose?

Retailers post customer 'Bill of Rights' after racial profiling allegations

Civil rights leaders met with retail chain representatives and agreed to create a customer bill of rights -- to be posted in department stores in the coming days -- in response to allegations of racial profiling in multiple retail chains.

‘Tis the Season for Smart Shopping

I’ve spent the last three years of this column sharing with you important facts about African-Americans’ consumer power.

2 million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack

Hackers have stolen usernames and passwords for nearly two million accounts at Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and others, according to a report released this week.

Blackonomics: A.G. Gaston: Find a Need and Fill It

One of the greatest entrepreneurs in this nation, Arthur George Gaston, offered these wise words of advice to prospective business owners: “Find a need and fill it.”

New video game consoles face changed landscape

The last time Sony and Microsoft came out with new video game consoles, there was no iPad, the iPhone was months away and "FarmVille" and "Angry Birds" had yet to be conjured up.