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Community Development Issues Raised at Atlanta City Council Candidate Forums

Foreclosures impact every level of the housing market, from high-rise condos to low-income housing.

Al Bartell (Mayoral Candidate)

I advocated for the neighborhood associations in Atlanta to be fully recognized as the critical public engagement framework for our city.

Glenn S. Wrightson (Mayoral Candidate)

I plan to establish community-based businesses who's ownership would transfer to the worker units - could become model for the nation

Ceasar C. Mitchell (City Council President Candidate)

In my role as Council President, I have provided leadership in advancing critical policy matters such as pension reform and budget review.

Rachele Fruit (City Council President Candidate)

I have participated in working class struggles such as the protests of fast food workers demanding an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Robert Welsh (City Council District 1 Candidate)

My vision for Atlanta is a city filled with choice neighborhoods and economically/culturally diverse populations, safe streets, and the best schools in the Southeast

Patricia Crayton (City Council District 3 Candidate)

I will be a voice for all the people of my district, asking critical questions and speaking up for the whole district.

Jon Jones (City Council District 5 Candidate)

As an agent in the global staffing industry, I have worked to expand the number of reputable jobs available to Atlanta’s workforce.

John Paul Michalik (City Council District 5 Candidate)

Work with those in charge to come up with effective, creative, elegant solutions to our public safety and public school issues.

Christian Enterkin (City Council District 5 Candidate)

In the community, I enjoy volunteering my time to various causes.

Tracey Austin (City Council District 6 Candidate)

More recently, I serve as the spokesperson and co-founder of Champions for Children - A group committed to promoting child safety and other children's issues founded in response to the tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut.

Mike Boyle (City Council District 6 Candidate)

My vision: a city that imprisons far less frequently. A culture that encourages more internal exploration and less external validation.

Bobby Montgomery (City Council District 7 Candidate)

I have served on the School Council Board at Sarah Smith Elementary for past 2 years.

Joyce Sheperd (City Council District 12 Candidate)

I am committed to completing the many goals and plans for my district and theCity of Atlanta.

Mary Norwood (City Council Post 2 At-Large Candidate)

I’ve made myself available to my constituents and been a working, visible presence in all Atlanta neighborhoods.