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Almost Half A Million Texas Voters May be Turned Away From Polls

In an emergency action, the Texas NAACP, and other civil rights groups, asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Texas from enforcing Senate Bill 14. But, the conservative-led Court sided with the state, and upheld the strictest voter photo identification ...

It’s Decision Time!

Registered Democrats have out-voted Republicans by double-digit margins among ballots cast early in two bitter southern Senate races. But the political climate favors Republicans nationally, and the GOP remains bullish on its overall momentum toward gaining the Senate majority.

Perdue, Nunn

Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue share the title of CEO but are trying to make the case their experiences couldn’t be more different as they campaign for Georgia’s open Senate seat.

Run-off election results: Arrington Takes The Fifth; It’s Perdue vs. Nunn

Atlanta attorney Marvin Arrington Jr. is now the new commissioner from Fulton County’s new 5th District Commission seat.

Will Voters Sleep On Election Day?

If Voter Apathy was a political candidate, there would be no run-off on Tuesday, July 22. In the last election Apathy beat all candidates for every office in Georgia by a landslide.

GOP struggles to recruit black voters, candidates

Like an eager date, Leo Smith showed up at Mount Zion First Baptist Church with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

Eaves, Deal face tough battles come November

he dust has settled on another primary election season, but things are far from over for incumbents Fulton County Chairman John Eaves and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.

Taking the 5th: Round 1

A political veteran and the son of an Atlanta political icon are headed for round 2 in the battle for a new political seat in Fulton County.

2014 Ga. Primary Election Results

Gov. Nathan Deal easily claimed victory over two challengers in the Republican primary. His focus is now on Democratic opponent Jason Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter.

Primary Focus: Gov. Deal faces 2 challengers in Ga. GOP primary

Republicans across Georgia were to decide Tuesday whether to stick with incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal as their party's nominee or support one of two challengers.

Ethics Blame Game: Gov. Deal Denies, Denies, Denies

Gov. Nathan Deal is facing fresh questions about his role in an ongoing saga at the state ethics commission.

Georgia Explores Medical Marijuana Options

A bill to allow a form of medical marijuana in Georgia may have failed to become law this year, but Gov. Nathan Deal has pledged to look for other options to help families who believe cannabis oil could help ease ...

Michelle Obama's reasons to study abroad

Although Michelle Obama's primary White House initiative has been conquering childhood obesity, the first lady is focusing on a new area during her first official trip to China: studying abroad.

Ga. lawmakers finish session, head into campaigns

Members of the Georgia General Assembly are ready to begin their campaigns for another term, fresh off a legislative session highlighted by scads of campaign-friendly maneuvers.

Busy finish to Ga.'s annual legislative session

Eager to get campaigning, Georgia's lawmakers will wrap up an unusually quick legislative session Thursday, likely making decisions on whether to expand the places people can carry firearms and whether to support a medical marijuana program for the ill.