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Time for Young People to Stop the Violence

I only recently embraced my status as an “elder.” Actually, I describe myself as an “episodic elder,” eager enough to take one of those lovely “senior” discounts when it serves my purpose, yet reluctant to turn in my party card.

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#CHIRAQ: More Than Just a Nickname, a Shameful and Tragic Reality for Many

A new movie, second term for mayor and summer approaching has all eyes on Chicago’s politicians, police, people, and body count

On Monday, May 18, Rahm Emanuel stood on stage at The Chicago Theatre, a landmark located on State Street in the famed Loop, to take the oath of office beginning his second term as mayor.

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Activists Take To Streets As Baltimore Records 100th Homicide of Year

300 Men March Group and Others Speak & Step-Out Against Continuing Baltimore Violence

One day after the 100th homicide in Baltimore was recorded, a group held a rally calling for people to get involved in stopping the violence wracking the city.

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Number of Americans on assistance may be leveling off

The once-increasing number of Americans getting some kind of public assistance from the U.S. government may be slowing down, according to new information from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Nine Ga. Deputies Fired following Death of Nigerian Man While in Custody

Nine Georgia deputies were fired May 8 in connection with the death of a Nigerian man while in police custody five months earlier.

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States vary in success at improving high school grad rates

The record high American graduation rate masks large gaps among low income students and those with disabilities compared to their peers.

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Study: Americans becoming less Christian, more secular

The number of Americans who don’t affiliate with a particular religion has grown to 56 million in recent years, making the faith group researchers call “nones’’ the second-largest in total numbers behind evangelicals, according to a Pew Research Center study released Tuesday.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are Following a Rich Tradition

Hip-hop culture is about transformation. It is more than a global genre of music. Hip-hop is a transcendent cultural phenomena that speaks to the soul, mind, body and spirit of what it means to dare to change the world into a better place. Hip-hop is not just about acquiring funds or “stacking paper.”

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Child Watch: Overmedicating Children in Foster Care

On any given day, nearly one in four children in foster care is taking at least one psychotropic medication – more than four times the rate for all children.

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YOUR VOICE: Did Georgia do the right thing when it joined 24 other states that are suing the Obama Administration over amnesty for young illegal aliens?

Shaniya Colonel, Riverdale “I don’t think it’s fair they are blaming the kids for their parents’ actions… There is so much opportunity here for work and colleges and I guess, by sending them back, you are limiting their opportunities in life. I think Georgia should let it go.”

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The Trouble With Truth: Now Faith

Nine times out of ten, persons asked would say they have faith. Perhaps you believe you believe in a sovereign God.

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OUT and About in Atlanta May 29-June 04-2015

(Your arts & entertainment calendar for metro Atlanta. This is an abbreviated listing of events taking place in the metro area. Listings may change without notice. LN: Live Nation. TM: Ticketmaster) (Send your entertainment or arts listing to: newsroom@theatlantavoice.com.)

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Former Model, B. Smith, Seeks Greater Awareness of Alzheimer’s Among Minorities

Smith, the first African American woman to appear on the cover of Mademoiselle magazine in 1976, is reaching out to minorities who are battling Alzheimer’s disease.

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Study Reveals African Diet Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer

Consumption of an African diet for only two weeks may reduce the risk of colon cancer, according to a University of Pittsburgh study published in Nature Communications.

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Myth of the ‘Absent’ Black Dad Refuted

Contrary to the myth, though Black men are more likely to live apart from their children than Whites, they are more involved in the lives of their children than Whites and Hispanics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study.

Prayer is yet still the answer

Have you succumbed to the notion yet that prayer will get you through it? The ‘it’ I’m referring to is everything. If you’re like me then the truth is at times you’re not very enthusiastic about your faith.

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Morehouse School of Medicine renames library in honor of Dr. Delmar Edwards

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) renamed its library in honor of renowned surgeon Dr. M. Delmar Edwards on Friday.

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YOUR VOICE: What’s one thing you think the police need to do to earn the public trust?

Shelby Johnson, Atlanta “Demilitarize immediately. I don’t know why every cop on the street has enough riot gear to to take on a militia. I think that’s not cool.

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Seeing and Not Seeing Our Racial Reality

“Americans don’t want to imagine that our racist history is actually an ongoing racist reality. We like to look at racism as a thing that has gotten better (if not gone away completely) and that the way black Americans are treated in society is actually colorblind.”

How Can you Tell When a Politician is Lying?

When he moves his lips.

Though originally intended as a joke, the number of candidates who have declared as for president have already ushered in a cascade of lies – and the situation will only grow worse as more climb aboard.

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