Hip Hop Leaders Form Partnership with NNPA

By Jimmie Davis, Jr. Special to the NNPA from the Miami Times | 5/9/2014, noon
Upcoming hip-hop artists may find it challenging to get a DJ to play their songs or a mainstream media critic ...
NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell and the legendary DJ Scratch.

 “The “Wrap” session was all about the role that the NNPA is going to play at bridging the gap between the hip hop community and the Black Press. “We are here to let the collective know that the Black Press is a means of communication that they need to take advantage of,” said Cloves C. Campbell, Jr., Chairman NNPA. “Our role as the Black Press is to give them positive exposure in the community they serve.”

Entertainer, Owner and CEO of Pack Rat Productions Sheryl Underwood is also a member of Core DJs World Wide and she says the gathering made a tremendous impact on the lives of individuals striving to get their foot in the door.

“I just love what I’m seeing here because there’s so much unity,” Underwood said. “This is how you select the next president.”

Neal, Butler and Campbell all agree that by utilizing the principles set forth during the civil rights era a movement has flourished where Core DJs Worldwide, the NNPA and Hip Hop Union  is a powerful political unit.

“We have created a political interest group,” said Brooklyn Recording artist and Producer Jazo. “Musicians as well as members of the community will benefit from this partnership.”