‘Need for Speed’

By Titus Falodun Staff Writer | 3/7/2014, noon
In making a slick, full throttle car-racing blockbuster, you need high-octane motor oil, a lot of adrenaline, and some really ...
Paying exhilarating homages to film classics, such as “Bullitt,” “The French Connection,” “Vanishing Point,” “Blues Brothers,” and even “Thelma and Louise,” Waugh’s “Need for Speed” leaves an intoxicating nostalgic fume every tire-screeching turn…without CGI.

“I was in a helicopter everyday, or some different type of aircraft,” Mescudi said. As the Electronic Arts tagline goes “If it’s in the game; it’s in the game.” Well, Mescudi really flies those aircrafts in the movie.

He also scored “Hero” (featuring Skylar Grey) for the last three minutes of “Need for Speed.”

“I didn’t go in trying to pull a Will Smith on this movie,” he said. “Though it is awesome to do it. That wasn’t my motivation. I want to always be an actor first.”

For Mescudi and Paul, “Need for Speed” is a welcomed transition.

“Thank God, I only have the interest to do challenging roles that push me out of my comfort zone,” Mescudi explained. “A lot of people get caught up in the check and the opportunity. But I keep the same integrity that I do with music that I do with film. I don’t do every feature and I’m not going to do every film. So, I’m still new to this; I’m still growing.”

Paul started shooting for “Need for Speed” literally the day after the final day of “Breaking Bad,” as legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks had a private plane waiting, ready to fly Paul out to his first location.

“Being a part of ‘Breaking Bad,’ it was kind of like a fluid transition into film,” he said about his six-year stint filming the AMC modern classic series. “With film, I always gravitated toward the smaller, low-budget, independent films, maybe because that’s the only people that would have me.”

Not anymore. Only time will tell if Aaron Paul’s film career takes off on the silver screen.

“Need for Speed” is rated PG-13. Runtime: 130 minutes. DreamWorks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment. An Electronic Arts/ Bandito Brothers/ Mark Sourian/ John Gatins Production. Nathan Furst is the film’s composer.