'About Last Night'

By Titus Falodun Staff Writer | 1/31/2014, 10:09 a.m.
If we are witnessing the rebirth of black cinema, then Will Packer is quickly becoming one of the leaders of ...
"About Last Night" actors Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, and producer Will Packer take questions from bloggers Mon. night, Jan. 27 at Strip restaurant, before the Atlanta red carpet screening of their movie which opens Fri., Feb. 14. The movie also features comedian Kevin Hart and actress Joy Bryant. Photo courtesy of Screen Gems/Paras Griffin.

“I was not ready for what Regina brought to [‘About Last Night’],” Ealy said.

Packer has a winning formula with a refreshing touch. He mixes drive, intelligence, passion for the industry, with heavy production and promotion in Atlanta.

Rainforest Films, which Packer co-founded, is based in the city. “Ride Along” was shot in Atlanta and featured many landmarks and locals.

Packer is also an Atlanta resident and acknowledges how vital the city is to his box office success.

“You guys have an important part in what we do,” he said. “You are the tastemakers that everyone follows.”

For anyone who has been in a relationship, this movie will strike a chord. You will feel the sting of awkward and intense moments that will have you both laughing out loud and reminiscing with trepidation.

“About Last Night” is not a remake of the 1986 movie of the same name, starring Rob Lowe and Jim Belushi; it is a reimagining of the source material and play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” (written by David Mamet in 1974) both were based off.

It’s Packer’s dynamite cast that makes this movie spark.

The movie also marks yet another Packer production with Ealy, Hart, and Hall, who are in “Think Like a Man, Too,” which is scheduled to be released June 20.

“You [all] did a great job in playing round characters,” Packer said about the actors. “I love’em. They make my projects just pop.”