Female Leadership Points the Way

Aio Wireless Bridging the Digital Divide

By Alfred James Special to The Atlanta Voice | 2/28/2014, 10:10 a.m.
From black inventors like Elijah McCoy, whose invention enabled trains to roll along America’s rail lines without having to stop ...
Charis Simms, Director of Devices and Accessories

Teresa Ward-Maupin, Director of Digital Experience

Teresa Ward-Maupin, Director of Digital Experience

From black inventors like Elijah McCoy, whose invention enabled trains to roll along America’s rail lines without having to stop for engine oiling, to Lewis Lattimer who worked in the laboratories of both Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, African Americans have been on the cutting edge of scientific technological advances throughout human history. From Dr. Patricia Bath, who invented a method of eye surgery that has helped many a blind person see to, Otis Boykin, who invented the electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers and heart pacemakers, the prospect of a digital divide separating the races, as if it were akin to ethnic health disparities, would seem somehow impossible to comprehend.

Three prominent African American women, who work for Aio Wireless, a dynamic new way to do wireless, are at the forefront of making sure Aio’s customers are always within reach of technological advances in the rapidly changing world of wireless communications. Alpharetta-based Director of Digital Experience Teresa Ward-Maupin, Charis Simms, Director of Devices and Accessories, and Cara Fields, Regional Market Director for North Texas take Aio’s commitment to providing service to the African American community as but another example of the brand’s commitment to provide all of its customers with outstanding and affordable access to a reliable 4G LTE network.

Not only are Fields, Simms and Ward-Maupin in highly visible positions, each is responsible in some way for making sure the Aio Wireless brand is available not only to the African American community, but also to anyone interested in no annual contracts, trade up opportunities, high speed accessories, affordable rates plans, easy activation and a reliable network.

One thing that stands out about all three women is their belief that technology, if used with the proper tools, coupled with great service and a public education component, can help consumers manage their health, their finances and bring balance to a life of work and leisure.

They believe as does Aio Wireless, that invention alone lacks vision, but as black inventors, the likes of George Washington Carver proved, lives and livelihoods can and should benefit. They call it “Aio-fied.” It’s a holistic approach reflected in how each has achieved Director’s level on Aio Wireless’ management team. They are engaged in and with the communities each serves and they are making sure the brand is also. From participating in Black Family Expos in Atlanta to recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of African Americans in Los Angeles, Aio Wireless is making a concerted effort to make sure the so called digital divide becomes mere myth.

Aio Wireless, a relative newcomer to the wireless marketplace is gearing up to serve notice on the industry that community engagement is part of their business model. Celebrating Black History Month in retail stores as well as partnering with community groups and supporting likeminded local organizations is and will become standard operating procedure as the brand continues to offer exceptional products and services for use by a savvy and technologically aware consumer.

The fact that many areas of the brand are staffed by knowledgeable African Americans is also just business as usual. From scholarships in its “30 Days, 30 Dreams” program that took place in Atlanta and Dallas, to hosting teen rap sessions in store locations, the goal is simple; Reach customers where they are with products and services that will positively impact them and their families. This will be done as Aio Wireless expands into new markets in Indiana and Michigan. Aio believes serving their communities is just as as important as serving their customers. Aio Wireless calls it an attitude of gratitude.