What Will (Y)our Legacy Look Like?

By Ron Busby, Sr. | 2/14/2014, 11:23 a.m.

Black automobile dealers fare a little better, though the 80s and 90s wreaked havoc on the number of franchised dealerships owned by African Americans. Without question, we continue to provide the comfortable profit cushion, particularly for luxury brand automobiles. (Remember, every dollar earned without advertising/marketing effort to earn that dollar is FREE MONEY!) Telecom companies, high-end electronics, “luxury” liquors, condo sellers and jewelers all positively salivate when their coffers fill up with Black dollars.

Among the goals of the USBC, Entrepreneur Development is the loftiest, and most elusive, but we believe if we are successful at reigniting our passion for business ownership, we have the best opportunity to solve the challenges faced by Black America. The historical record of our ability to build colleges, insurance companies and hospitals proves that when necessary we can achieve monumental “wins” through collective entrepreneurial activity. And -- in today’s terminology - joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions provide the context for our next collective steps in business growth.

So, we at the USBC and our affiliates across the country encourage you to be more mindful, and more intentional as you pursue your dreams. Understand that 20, 50, 100 years from now someone will read the record of your contribution to life as they know it, and the fact that you made a lot of money won’t be enough to get your name in the record book. Business ownership opens doors of opportunity, not just for you and your family, but the families of your employees, associates, customers/clients, vendors and suppliers. That improved quality of life affords access to opportunities for education, earning, travel and the new worlds they discover will create future generations of inventors and history makers. Black History is made and celebrated every day... make sure that your everyday actions pave the way.