Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Returns to The Fox

2/10/2014, 5:27 p.m.
When Matthew Rushing was a young boy growing up in Inglewood, Calif., his mother was concerned he might fall prey ...
Matthew Rushing, a veteran star of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, rehearses at the company's headquarters, in New York. Photo by Richard Drew/AP.

Gaining seniority also meant progressing through the various sections of "Revelations," a rite of passage for an Ailey dancer. It's no accident that Rushing is front and center at the end, and last to take a curtain call. He insists that despite dancing the work for more than two decades, he doesn't tire of it.

"I'm not gonna lie, when you're on tour for months and you've been dancing every night, you ARE tired of dancing," he says. "But tired of 'Revelations'? Never. Year to year, I find there's more to experience."

And the schedule is grueling. After they finished up their New York season, the North America tour kicked off Feb. 1 which calls for 79 performances in 23 cities. The tour will end in May and then start a two-week run at the Lincoln Center’s Koch Theater in New York. As soon as that is over it’s off to Oslo for the start of the international tour.

Rushing's ability to stay fresh and healthy comes with huge effort that perhaps only fellow dancers understand. Most days start with a gym workout — machines, weights, swimming. That warms him up for 9 a.m. company class, which warms him up for a day of rehearsals. If he isn't performing that night, he may go back to the gym for more swimming. He also does yoga and Pilates.

"I'm dancing next to people half my age," Rushing says. "The last thing I want is to look old onstage."

For more information: AlvinAiley.org/Atlanta

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