Hawks Look to Rebound Versus Celtics

Battle for the Eastern Conference 8th Spot

By Vershawne Pennyamon | 4/9/2014, 4:24 p.m.

The X-Factor matchup is between the hot hand of Kyle Korver and Jerryd Bayless. Korver surpassed 1500 3-pt baskets last night, going 4 for 12. He has to be careful not to force shots from deep. But once he hits one, the rest will fall. Many of the 3's missed came in the final seconds of the Pistons' game.

Bayless has made 10 3-point shots in the past two game, and will continue his hot stroke in tonight's game versus the Hawks. Whomever can get the hot hand early can help their team win the game.

Korver shots come off screens compared to Bayless, which are more off the dribble. Bayless should have an advantage off the dribble, since Korver defensive foot work is not up to par. Shot selection will go to Korver, because he should have more opportunities at open shots coming off so many screens. This 3-point clinic will surely spice the game up, and could be the deciding factor.

This game is crucial for the Hawks, as they look to maintain the 8th spot in the East. The Knicks are on the Hawks tail, and with another loss will only put them half-a-game back.

The NBA regular season finish line is nigh, but will the Hawks escape the Knicks?