Mike Boyle (City Council District 6 Candidate)

10/9/2013, 12:09 p.m.

Campaign Web Site: www.mikeforatlanta.com

City of Residence: Atlanta

E-Mail: mike@mikeforatlanta.com

How have you served your district and the city best in the past?: As President of the Harvard Business School Club of Atlanta, I honored Herman Russell with our Community Leadership Award...this surely was not his first such award but the event allowed us to raise scholarship funds to send non-profit CEO's to Boston for training.

If elected, what issues will you give highest priority to?: The early termination of the ParkAtlanta contract will be my first priority. This company has bullied city residents and visitors for four years with its aggressive parking enforcement practices. It is out of sync with the character of our neighborhoods. It must go.

Level of Education: MBA, Harvard Business School

Name: Mike Boyle

Office Sought: Atlanta City Council, District 6

Political Experience: No previous political office held.

Prior Office(s) Held:

Profession: Private Equity.

What do you plan to accomplish during your term in office?: Implement a new parking solution more in tune with the character of our neighborhoods. Keep Atlanta's fiscal house in order with a watchdog's eye and my business background. Introduce several environmental and transportation initiatives to help fight pollution and traffic.

What is your vision for the future of Atlanta?: My vision: a city that imprisons far less frequently. A culture that encourages more internal exploration and less external validation. People who start to value time as a true measure of wealth rather than money: time with people they love, and time doing what they love.

What specific strengths do you bring to the position you seek?: As a long time volunteer and activist, I understand and care deeply for our neighborhoods. Listening to all the members of the community will be the approach I take to problem-solving, a bottoms-up approach that starts with the community, its needs, and its priorities.