Ed Johnson (School Board District 9 At-Large Candidate)

10/9/2013, 12:04 p.m.

Campaign Web Site: www.edjohnsoninseat9.com (to be updated)

City of Residence: Atlanta

Do you, or have you had, children enrolled in an APS school?: Yes, my children graduated APS. The oldest children experienced grades K-8 then 9-12, the “Elementary-High School” model. The youngest child experienced grades K-5 then 6-8 then 9-12,” the “Middle School” model.” Their experiences prompted recognizing the more nurturing and humanistic character inherent in the Elementary-High School model.

E-Mail: edwjohnson@aol.com

How have you served your district and the city best in the past?: Kindly allow this by Atlanta Progressive News: “One of the recurring themes of Johnson’s … is his promotion of systems thinking, especially the systems thinking framework promoted by the W. Edwards Deming Institute. Johnson has sponsored the attendance of local education stakeholders at [an annual systems thinking conference] each year.”

If elected, what issues will you give highest priority to?: Top priority? Establish an APS Statement of Purpose, then pursue the unconventional school board responsibility the Atlanta Independent School System Statutory Charter states as: “Adopting district-wide policies that support an environment for [continual] quality improvement and progress for all decision makers in the district, as well as for students.”

Level of Education: College, B.Sc.

Name: Ed Johnson

Office Sought: Atlanta Board of Education District 9 At Large

Political Experience: My lifeblood includes “service” and omits “politician.”

Prior Office(s) Held: None.

Profession: Quality Consultant

What do you plan to accomplish during your term in office?: I will accomplish the priorities I stated in response to your first question, “If elected, what issues will you give highest priority to?” And there will be positive consequences that cannot be planned.

What is your vision for the future of Atlanta?: I wish to see Atlanta become signatory to The Charter for Compassion, and to become uncompromisingly committed to sustaining and advancing democratic ideals in service to the public good, where content of character matters more than color of skin. Atlanta cannot survive as the “Black Mecca” in our systemic world.

What specific strengths do you bring to the position you seek?: I bring the strength to help APS learn to continually improve as a public education system, as a public good, and to hold off its destruction by charter schools and such. I understand that APS works the way it works because of our own habits of mind, how we think.

Are you a product of the Atlanta Public Schools system?: Product? What kind? Graduate or dropout? I am neither. More importantly, why think of any person as “product?” Isn’t product generally something that rolls of the assembly line? Why think of children in this mechanistic, dehumanizing way then wonder, say, why so many “young Black males” are in lockup?

Are you, or are you not in favor of more Atlanta charter schools?: Kindly allow me to unequivocally say my overall position is to stop the injections of the pathogen called “charter schools” into the public good called “public schools.” Once stopped, my position would shift to focus on whatever amount of pathogen that was originally injected.