Brenda Joyce Muhammad (School Board District 1 Candidate)

10/9/2013, 12:06 p.m.

• Advocated for the reopening of Howard High building as a new

educational facility

If elected, what issues will you give highest priority to?:

• Early education for ages 0-3.

• Implementation of a Vocational Technical School

• Selection of the next Superintendent

• Re-opening of David T. Howard as an educational facility

Level of Education: Masters degree

Name: Brenda Joyce Muhammad

Office Sought: Atlanta Board of Education, District 1

Political Experience: 14 years as an elected official; political consultant and advisor to local and presidential campaigns

Prior Office(s) Held: Previously ran for the Georgia State Senate in 2002

Profession: Excutive Director of a Non-Profit Organization

What do you plan to accomplish during your term in office?: There are three things I intend to do if given the opportunity to return to the board:

• Early Education - First, make sure that kids 0-3 years of age are

ready to participate when they enter the school system. That will mean

expanding relationships, like the one we have with Sheltering Arms, to

accommodate more pre-K children.

• Vocational/Career Academies - Secondly, I want to give children who

are not going to attend college an option, by emphasizing career

academies, or vocational technical schools. Not every child can, or

should go to college, but every child can be prepared to enter the work

force with a marketable skill.

• Superintendent Selection - Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I

want to make sure we find the best superintendent available to manage

the Atlanta public school system. I’m looking for a visionary… a

transformational leader who can revive a stagnant system.

What is your vision for the future of Atlanta?: My vision is to have a school system that models the city. We have a great city and we deserve a great school system. Great schools enhance community and economic development.

What specific strengths do you bring to the position you seek?: My experience as a14 year member and former President of the Board brings an invaluable resource. My knowledge and understanding of the Atlanta Board of Education and its governance structure are critical. I have a great connection and an ear to the parents in our community. I have the wisdom of the past and a “vision” for the future.

Are you a product of the Atlanta Public Schools system?: No, my children are all graduates from Atlanta Public Schools. I currently have grandchildren attending Atlanta Public Schools.

Are you, or are you not in favor of more Atlanta charter schools?: I am in favor of supporting parents’ quest for what they feel is the best education opportunity for their children. I caution however, that we must look strategically at our school system, the finances and communities before approving additional charters. The composition of the district has changed dramatically over the years. We are the most diverse district in the entire school system and must be prepared to help parents meet their children’s needs.