City of Atlanta Launches Performance Focused Strategy Group

5/29/2013, 2:21 p.m.
Mayor Kasim Reed announced today the launch of a performance management and results-driven strategy group called Focus on Results (FOR) ...
Mayor Kasim Reed

ATLANTA – Mayor Kasim Reed announced today the launch of a performance management and results-driven strategy group called Focus on Results (FOR) Atlanta. This new group, previously known as ATL STAT, will set performance improvement goals for the City of Atlanta and collaborate with staff across the city to manage and track the progress against these goals.

“The FOR Atlanta team will play a critical role in driving results from the strategic vision that my Administration has set for the City of Atlanta,” said Mayor Kasim Reed. “This best-in-class team brings a tremendous amount of valuable experience and I am confident that their efforts will help to ensure that our residents and businesses receive the very best in city services.”

“Mayor Reed has made management excellence across all city services for Atlanta residents and businesses a top priority,” said Duriya Farooqui, City of Atlanta Chief Operating Officer. “As we respond to the growing needs of our city, building the capacity to deliver more with less is critical for effective management and improvement in quality of life. FOR Atlanta will realign our strategic performance and drive data-driven management decisions to benefit our constituents.”

FOR Atlanta will focus its efforts across the priorities of Public Safety, Fiscal Stability, Economic Development, Youth Development, City Infrastructure, and Customer Service and Excellence.

Specifically, FOR Atlanta will:

Establish and Track Goals – Use a data-driven approach to set strategic and operational goals for the City, and provide reliable information that measures performance against these goals;

Improve Outcomes – Create a culture that increases accountability at all organizational levels for delivering performance against specific, measurable outcomes and qualitative assessments; and

Be Transparent – Create a public window into the performance of City services and operations through the FOR Atlanta web portal. Provide performance measures for budgeting decisions.

As part of the launch, the FOR Atlanta team released a baseline of key performance indicators and results in its 2012 Annual Performance Report. Moving forward, FOR Atlanta will continue to track and manage these metrics while also working with operational departments to make improvements in efficiencies and processes. The full report can be found here: Atlanta Performance Report 2012

Below are a few excerpts:

Public Safety

4.6% Reduction in Part 1 Crimes – There were approximately 34,500 Part 1 Crimes reported in 2012, a reduction of 4.6% over 2011. Felony crimes in the City of Atlanta are at levels not experienced since 1969.

Dramatic improvements in 911 Call Center Processing Times – As a result of significant process improvements, increased training and technology improvements, the 911 Call Center now processes 50% of EMS calls (up from approximately 40% in 2011) and 45% of Fire calls (up from 1% in 2011) within the national benchmark. They have also reduced overall responses times by over 1 minute.

251 Additional Police Officers hired in 2012, bringing the total count of sworn police officers to 1,937. Atlanta is also on track to achieve its longstanding goal of expanding the municipal police force to 2,000 officers.