"What are you thoughts on the fraud charges against State Rep. Tyrone Brooks?"

Compiled by Vincent Christie at the Sweet Auburn Music Festival | 5/24/2013, 12:12 p.m.

Kevin Tate, Atlanta

“I think it’s unfortunate for someone who has done so much for civil rights to have this situation to tarnish his legacy. I just feel sad because it’s like your grandfather getting in trouble.”

Van Van Slyke, Atlanta

“The Tyrone Brooks scandal is just pitiful. It’s pitiful in the sense that we have powerful and intellectually competent politicians and educators and for them to be cloaked in disgrace and questionable practices is appalling to me. ”

Shelly Wynter, Atlanta

“I think the bigger issue with Tyrone Brooks is the money he allegedly stole was money that was meant for the community. I care about communities losing the money that was earmarked for them to read. And that’s the bigger issue.

Eden Israel, Decatur

“I think you just really never know what to believe about what they [media] put out there. I’m hoping it’s not true. I [have to] wait to see what they are going to bring out to prove that he’s done what they are saying he’s done.”