Music Legend Quincy Jones Brings Friends to Fox Theatre

By Scott Walton Executive Editor | 5/17/2013, noon
The consummate artist, Quincy Jones, would not have to play a single note of music during his May 23 benefit ...
Music Legend Quincy Jones is set to entertain on May 23, 2013 at Fox Theater.

The consummate artist, Quincy Jones, would not have to play a single note of music during his May 23 benefit concert at the Fox Theatre to make the price of admission ($55 to $125) worth every penny.

Rather, Jones – a proud Piscean who sounds over the phone as if he’s still celebrating his 80th birthday (March 14) – could easily pull an Eastwood and merely regale an empty chair with recollections from his illustrious career.

Quincy Jones managed to force historic recordings out of tempermental musical icons as diverse as Miles Davis, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson.

The man’s got stories. Holy mackerel, does the man have stories.

The bill of fare for “An Evening with Quincy Jones” _ a concert to celebrate the 100th birthday of the American Cancer Society _ includes guest vocal accompaniment from some of Jones’ main collaborators over the course of many years and several successful albums: Patti Austin, James Ingram, Siedah Garrett, Nikki Yanofsky and Alfredo Rodriguez. To purchase tickets for the event, visit the Fox Theatre box office online (www.foxatltix.com) or in person, or call 1-888-ATL-TIXX.

“I’m happy to give back in some way because the Cancer Society does so much for so many,” said Jones, whose multi-faceted career in music, film and television thrived in spite of the fact that he has suffered two aneurisms that he describes as having a stroke “times sixteen”.

“The money we help raise helps the Cancer Society save 400 lives across the U.S. every day. That’s what crumbles my cookie.”

Jones, whose mind was whirling – in overdrive – on Pacific Standard Time, spoke into the wee hours (ET) on a range of topics near, and dear, to his renaissance heart.

On Frank Sinatra: “He was no joke, man. That was my brother. He left me his family crest and ring when he died. I wear them every day.”

On Talent: “A great song can make a terrible singer a star. But a bad song? The three greatest singers in the world couldn’t save it.”

On Travel: “I speak 24 languages.”

On Michael Jackson’s Death: “It’s all to complex…I was angry!”

On Parenting: “I have six daughters, aged 20 to 60.” (Including daughter Rashida, a co-star on the hit NBC sitcom ‘Parks & Recreation’. “She’s a sharp little girl.”

On Atlanta Hip-Hop Producer Dallas Austin: “I got him out when he had that little trouble over there in Dubai (in 2006). I know the sheikhs. They took care of it (for a fee that Jones stated but shall remain unmentioned here.)

On His Diabolical Scheme: “I’m getting ready to record Tevin “Can We Talk?” Campbell again.”

On His Twilight Years: “I’m doing nine movies, six albums and four Broadway shows. I call that slowing down.”

On Longevity: “Live every day like it’s your last and, one day, you’ll be right.”

Trust me, he’s got a million of ‘em.

With Quincy Jones, you get more than you bargained for.