"Is it worth it to go deep in debt to pay for a college education?"

Compiled by Vincent Christie with students from the Atlanta University Center | 5/17/2013, noon

Julian Brown

Clark Atlanta (Las Vegas, NV)

“I think it is worth it because if you get a degree you can do something with it afterwards to make it back up. So as long as you do something with your degree, you can pay the debt back and it is worth it, but when you get into school you have to be serious so that you can pay it back.”

Aaron Hargrove

Morehouse (Henderson, NC)

“I believe that you have to ask yourself ‘Are you worth the investment?’. After you ask yourself that, then I believe it is worth going into debt. Eventually, you will work off all of the debt that you have over the years.”

Rebecca Burns

Clark Atlanta (Dallas, TX)

“My answer is yes because you cannot put a price on education.”