"As Mother’s Day approaches, what is one thing you can say that makes your mother special to you?"

Compiled by Vincent Christie with students from the Atlanta University Center | 5/10/2013, noon

Donte Jenkins

Detroit, MI

“The reason I love my mother so much is not only did she make a lot of sacrifices for me, she raised me as a single parent, kept food on the table and a roof over my head and helped put me through college. I think the greatest gift that I am giving her is that I am graduating from college next week.”

Sequenza Williams

Brooklyn, NY

“What makes my mother special to me is that she is a true representation of what I think a hustler should be. She has multiple jobs; she managed to give me a middle class life when she didn’t grow up in a middle class life. She is just a true warrior to me and I just want to have the same work ethic that she has.”

Courtney Terry

Los Angeles, CA

“My mom is the only lady I know that can make something out of nothing. McGyver doesn’t have anything on my mother.”