"Will NBA Center Jason Collins ‘coming out’ as gay, change the game of basketball?"

5/3/2013, noon

Michael Horton


“I don’t think its going to change the game as a whole. But as far as him being on that team, there’s probably going to be some changes within the team. But as far as that goes, everybody has got to live their life and everybody’s lifestyle is different”

Reno Valentine


“Its only a big deal because the media’s making it a big deal. The young man plays basketball and his job is to win for the team. What he does behind closed doors is his business. My only issue is that all of the attention its getting is taking away from the game, a sport that our young men play and enjoy so much.”

Tiara Smith


“I think it will motivate other dudes who are gay to come out. So I don’t think it will affect it in a negative way.”