“Do you think the new Falcons stadium will help the surrounding communities?”

3/29/2013, noon

Faye Sellers


“You have streets in this neighborhood... that aren’t even paved and you’re putting a billion dollar stadium here that you are trying to squeeze into a spot... This is not a good move to relocate two churches and I hope they take it up north...”

Vickie G. Johnson


“Our parents, our grandparents, worked diligently to build this church… We, as little children, canvassed the neighborhoods collecting nickels and dimes to build this church... I think it’s totally unfair for them to displace us.”

Kiersten Matthews


“I’ve been in Atlanta all of my life and I think there are many other ways we can make this city better – using those funds to do economic development in this area and other areas in Atlanta – than for the Dome.”