“As the nation commemorates the one-year anniversary of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, what do you think will be its legacy?”

Compiled by Vincent Christie at the Georgia State Capitol | 3/1/2013, noon

Chuck Taylor


“I think the legacy of Trayvon Martin would be that we need to teach our young men how to stay alive in a culture that is basically designed to be against us as black males. It’s totally up to us...”

Sophie Gardener


“The legacy of Trayvon Martin... will do a lot [to confront] gun violence, but I think it will do a lot with race relations, as well. We need to break these color lines that we have, these stereotypes among people. And I think that’s the legacy…”

Mshadene Sdewart


“I think that one of the legacies that will come out of the Trayvon Martin [tragedy] is for us to realize that racism still exists and that our young men are being targeted and we need to do something about that.”