Letting Go and Letting God be My Life’s Guide

By James A. Washington Contributing Writer | 6/21/2013, 12:53 p.m.
The point seems to be that the Christian life is a journey, an experience we desire in order to talk to and be with God.

The subject today is “Faith Walk.” Can somebody really explain this to me?

I’m not trying to be funny. On the contrary, I’m trying to be real and gain more perspective on what some have told me I’m going through.

“I’m watching you go through a transformation,” some have said. “As you go through this walk,” others have come up with. Many have used that exact phrase ‘faith walk,’ when trying to explain their view of me trying desperately to simply demonstrate a new attitude about being saved. No matter how trite it may sound to you, I am taking this saved thing as seriously as I can. I absolutely know it’s more than just a feeling. It’s very tangible to me. I am just expressing curiosity about the “walk” reference.

I guess when you think about it, many in the bible had truth revealed to them in a walk, on a journey, while going from one place to another, or, in the spiritual travel of a dream. As simple as this analogy is, it’s rather eye opening to embrace the significance of walking with someone you respect, admire, love, or someone you can really learn from.

One of the more memorable experiences of my life was walking with either one of my children when they were toddlers. There was something about their discovering and exploring the world without care or fear because they had me with them. Have you ever witnessed this? Have you ever had the experience of walking and talking with another human being with whom you were in total sync?

That’s got to be one of the reasons people refer to discovering God as faith walking. The effort to get closer to God requires movement. I think the walk reference was probably someone’s spiritual attempt to describe an effort to follow a path laid down by Christ. A great example has to be Enoch. “Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” (Genesis 5:24).

The bible talks about walking humbly, walking in the Light, walking with the wise, walking together, walking in counsel and walking on water. The point seems to be that the Christian life is a journey, an experience we desire in order to talk to and be with God. If we’re truly blessed, maybe God will talk back. Searching for Him here on earth is a spiritual experience we’re blessed to have. To walk with the Lord can only be described as a faith step; once taken, life changes. You change. I know I did.

So maybe I’ve kind of answered my own questions about this “walking in faith” thing. It is merely a public or private declaration that you’re letting God order your steps. I believe if you can allow yourself to submit in this way, God will lead you directly to Him. “When Jesus spoke again to the people He said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’”