Introducing Terrence Colby

College Park native stars in MTV2’s series and commercials

By Titus Falodun Staff Writer | 6/7/2013, 6 a.m.
Morehouse alumnus Terrence Colby, a budding 25-year-old actor, is out to prove that he’s more than just another good-looking actor. ...
Terrence Colby serves as the promo face for MTV2’s hit series “Guy Code” and “Girl Code”.

“Terrence and I were like glue growing up,” Crystal said. “He was my little buddy. And I didn’t know that he was studying me. I just knew that we were really close.”

Her “little buddy” would soon be out trying to do big things in the acting world.

At 16, Colby auditioned for enrollment at The Julliard School. He did not earn admission. But he gained a confidence in knowing he was on the right path, though he did not know exactly where to go next.

Following high school, Colby earned a scholarship to attend Morehouse College, which nurtured silver-screen heavyweights, such as Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson.

“I was not comfortable with being in an all black and all male environment,” Colby said, explaining he had grown up around in a female dominated household and majority white and private Riverwood High School. “My first two years were really hard. It took a lot of adjusting. It was not until I was in London that I began to enjoy Morehouse.”

There, Colby became the first Morehouse student to attend at the distinguished British American Drama Academy, where actors such as Paul Giamatti, Chadwick Boseman, and Orlando Bloom studied.

After Morehouse, Colby chose UCLA over Yale University for his graduate school. And this too turned out to be a wise chose, as he met Shirley Jo Finney, who would mold and polish his raw talent.

“She didn’t let up on me,” Colby said. “She didn’t let me go by. She grabbed me by the throat and shook me up. I remember someone I knew said, ‘What happened? You met someone?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m working with Shirley Jo.’”

Finney is an accomplished actress and director in her own right, as she starred in the made-for-TV drama “Wilma,” which was young Denzel Washington’s debut role. Finney, as a UCLA lecturer, brought a focus light to Colby’s shining abilities.

“Terrence has a light and energy that fills up a room,” Finney said about her prized pupil. “But when you commit to being an actor, you take on the responsibility of playing a human being. And if you are not committed to that, then this is not for you. That is was I stressed to each and every one.”

Simply put, Colby has taken that advice and put it to good use. And the young, inexperienced actor from College Park is now rising in Hollywood.

“It’s funny,” Colby said. “I came to LA, the land of make believe, and I became more of myself.”

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