Introducing Terrence Colby

College Park native stars in MTV2’s series and commercials

By Titus Falodun Staff Writer | 6/7/2013, 6 a.m.
Terrence Colby serves as the promo face for MTV2’s hit series “Guy Code” and “Girl Code”.

Actor Terrence Colby

College Park native Terrence Colby speaks to The Atlanta Voice about his acting inspiration, limited black roles, and a favorite Morehouse College memory.

College Park native Terrence Colby speaks to The Atlanta Voice about his acting inspiration, limited black roles, and a favorite Morehouse College memory.

Morehouse College alumnus Terrence Colby, a budding 25-year-old actor, is out to prove that he’s more than just another good-looking actor. Too bad his first major audition did the complete opposite.

 “I almost booked a commercial for Sears,” Colby said, recalling his 2011 audition with the department store chain. The commercial was about a husband and wife, who share how they first met at Sears.

 “I go in [for the audition] and we’re improv-ing—and it was funny. Then, I leave, and the casting director comes running after me. She said, ‘Terrence, come back! We need you. We want you to do the next three auditions with the next three girls.’” And I said, ‘Yeah. I can do that; I got time.’”

The producer relayed to Colby that the previous week, Sears did a similar audition for its Spanish version. And the actor who booked the husband role was brought back into the room in the same fashion. So, in Colby’s mind, he was just moments away from going national.

“I was completely free,” Colby said. “I go in there again. And they [the producers] go, ‘Where did you meet your wife?’ And I say, ‘Um… I met her at Walmart.’”

Dead silence ensued, as Colby botched his first big opportunity.

“It was a good learning lesson,” he said about the experience. At the time, Colby had just earned his master’s degree in fine arts, from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. So, naïveté was undoubtedly present.

Now, the College Park native is basking in the glow of commercial success, as he serves as the promo face for MTV2’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code,” Coors Light’s “Break the Ice” and Carl’s Jr.’s “Host a BBQ” campaigns.


Terrence Colby, rising star.

In a rare space for emerging actors, Colby does not need a hustle to pay his bills or rent, because of his recent fortunes.

“I’m blessed to not have to do side-jobs,” he said. “If you get a national commercial and it doesn’t run, you can expect to make however much they’ll give you for the first day of shooting. But if it runs, you can get thousands of dollars.”

But even getting paid is not as smooth as it may sound.

“You really get paid over time, which sucks,” Colby explained. “It sucks because the checks don’t come every two weeks; it’s not like that at all. It’s like one [check] this month, and then, you may not see any money for a month and a half.”

Despite it all, Colby maintains that acting is his one and only occupation.

“I’m hell bent on not getting a J-O-B, if I don’t need one,” he said. “I’m an actor; that’s my job.”

And it’s been his job since he first saw his older sister Crystal in a musical, during his 7th grade year.

“She was my first character study,” Colby said. “She is the true actor [and] comedian of the family. I get all my stuff from her.”

Growing up in a household, where humor was natural and encouraged, Crystal and her younger brother were attached at the hip.