SCLC Teams With Youth Leaders

7/24/2013, 4:09 p.m.

ATLANTA – In the wake of the Trayvon Martin Trial decision, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is taking immediate action directed towards the empowerment of black youth by developing leaders of today and tomorrow. In a recent press conference to address the outcry of the black community SCLC leaders Dr. C.T. Vivian, Dr. Charles Steele and Dr. Bernard Lafayette announced their commitment to train college, high school and grade school level youths to be leaders in local and federal government to impart public awareness of human rights and promoting positive change.

“A gross error we made after passing the 1965 Voter Rights Bill coming out the Selma Movement, was to not immediately establish a Citizenship Education School in every county particularly in the southern states where historically there has been problems with voting,” explained Dr. Bernard Lafayette, National Chairman of the Board for the SCLC.

The SCLC aiming to correct past oversights has partnered with the youth group Georgia Student Justice Alliance. Ladie Mansfield – GSJA representative told the media, “We are formulating a bridge that connects today’s youth with the senior civil rights leaders and vice versa to prepare and have ongoing sessions on understanding government and education around the political system to include legislation and legal rights. Past and present leaders will listen to one another, understanding the current needs and implement an agenda to address these needs with resolutions. SCLC serious about youth leadership has elected young Damian Connors as its Executive Director. “There are young people who have something to say, motivated by the fact that there are current political and justice issues that have created a strong renaissance of the civil rights movement,” said Connors.

WHO: SCLC Youth Leadership Training Orientation

WHAT: Leadership Training for College and High School Students by SCLC Leaders

WHEN: Thursday July 25th 2013 2pm

WHERE: SCLC Headquarters located at 320 Auburn Avenue Atlanta, GA 30303. To register for call (404) 522-1420.

WHY: Because it easier to train a youth than to heal a broken man