“What do you think President Obama should focus on in his second term?”

Compiled by Vincent Christie at Tassili’s Raw Reality | 1/25/2013, noon

Arata Maat, Atlanta

“What I want Obama to focus on for this next term is basically being honest with himself and what he can actually accomplish and knowing his limits within the government and in his position and not make all of these promises that he can’t keep.”

Diata, Atlanta

“What I would like to see addressed initially is health care, better jobs and opportunities for occupations and, of course, housing. Until you see change on everyday basis with [the] everyday person, nothing is being done as far as I am concerned.”

Darren Smith, Atlanta

“He should focus more on us instead things he had no business dealing with in the first place. There’s a lot of things going on with the community as far as money, taxes, etc. and I believe that he (should) focus on that.”