“The DeKalb school board filed a lawsuit this week challenging Governor Deal’s power to remove them from office. What do you think?”

Compiled by Vincent Christie in Decatur | 2/22/2013, noon

Shavonne Davis

Stone Mountain

“My thought is that if one system isn’t working, its time to do an overhaul and look at some new ideas and some new people that might be able to come in and make some new changes.”

Ricky Battle

Stone Mountain

“The school board really doesn’t have a right to try to sue the governor seeing that the school system has been constantly failing under their control… It’s about time that we get new and/or better people for schools to educate our children…”

Terrance Thomas


“I feel like its wrong. We need teachers in there that are going to teach the kids and not just pass them along so that they can get a check… If it’s people in there that are not doing their job… I think it’s time for a change…”

Lisa Gaitor

Stone Mountain

“I think its really sad because they are not looking out for the best interest of the children. They are out for self. I don’t think its beneficial for the kids right now because we are still behind."