‘Help Us Save Our Children’

2/15/2013, noon

A diverse group of leaders from several metro Atlanta community and civic organizations held a candle-light vigil outside of the corporate headquarters of gun manufacturing giant Glock, Inc., in Cobb County.

Representatives from the Concerned Black Clergy, National Action Network, SCLC, Rainbow PUSH Coalition and others said now is the time for Congress to pass some “common sense” gun control measures. “We are not here demanding that any one’s guns be taken away,” said Rev. Timothy McDonald. (speaking) “We just want Glock and other gun manufacturers to help us save our children from gun violence.” Added Rev. Markel Hutchins, (right) “Minority and urban communities are terrorized regularly by gun violence so the national debate must not focus exclusively on assault weapons because of the Sandy Hook tragedy when most shootings in America are not by assault weapons, but by handguns acquired all too freely by criminals.”