Do you think teachers and school personnel should be trained and allowed to carry arms at school?

Compiled by Vincent Christie at Decatur MARTA station | 2/15/2013, noon

Ilio Titi


“I believe they should give out courses to teachers because I feel like the only way you can stop a bad man with a gun is with somebody whose good with a gun. But there’s got to be some stuff behind that. Teachers just can’t have the gun on them, somebody can grab the gun.”

Ruechelle Richards

Stone Mountain

“I think certain, more higher, personnel should be trained and armed. As far as just teachers, no. I think they should be trained on how to handle different situations, dangerous situations.”

Mark Johnson


“I believe they should have some time of self defense class. I don’t they should be allowed to carry weapons in the school unless its school security... I don’t think guns should be used in the schools.”

Devin Fraley


“I don’t think teachers should have guns at all. They really shouldn’t. There’s just too much going on. That’s why security’s in the schools with guns and police officers.”