“What are you doing, personally, to commemorate Black History Month?”

Compiled by Vincent Christie at the offices of the SCLC | 2/8/2013, noon

Maynard Eaton


“My focus during Black History Month is writing a book called “One Hundred Years of Atlanta Black Heritage." It’s a look at why Atlanta is the best city for black folks in the world.”

Cathelean Steele


“I personally plan to commemorate Black History Month by doing what I do everyday – representing African American history and African American people and their plans for the future...”

DeMark Liggins


“I personally plan on celebrating Black History Month by remembering our history. We have a rich history. We do have your W.E.B. Dubois, and we now have your Barack Obama... We have a proud history...”

William Marshall


“[I’ll be] continuing my efforts to organize for the 50th Anniversary of the Dr. King March [and] continue the efforts to bring awareness to America and all over the globe of the [fact that ] civil rights and human rights are equal rights.”