“Do you think the government should ban the purchase of assault weapons?”

Compiled by Vincent Christie at the Davis/Bozeman Law Firm | 2/1/2013, noon

Jazmin Frear


“I think that the government should ban assault rifles because, with their high capacity for killing power, it would make more sense for them to be banned... As long as [they’re] easily accessible, we will have more incidences like Sandy Hook.”

Zindzha Olugbala

East Point

“I do not think assault rifles should be banned. Even if they [were] banned… we’re not going to walk to the end of the earth and discard them off the planet. So... we should be able to have access to it if someone else has access to it.”

Tawanna Morgan


“I don’t think it should banned under the guise of minimizing gun deaths. The problem is, you still have other weapons. So, perhaps you can’t kill as many people as fast, but you still will be able to kill people... So, is that really addressing the problem?”

Candice McKinley


“I do think the government should ban assault weapons because they can get into the wrong hands and children can be hurt... So, yes, I do think we need to ban them, because our kids are too important.”