Hostage Standoff Inside Rural Louisiana Bank ends with Gunman Dead

By Ed Payne and Dave Alsup CNN | 8/14/2013, 3:32 a.m.
A gunman held three people hostage Tuesday inside a bank in northeastern Louisiana, as law enforcement officers, negotiators and state ...
Emergency vehicles are on the scene of a hostage situation in Tensas Parish. Louisiana State Police have confirmed there are three hostages and one gunman in Tensas State Bank in St. Joseph. (Photo by Emerald McIntyre/The News-Star).

The hostage standoff in St. Joseph, Louisiana, has ended with the hostage-taker dead, police said.

Louisiana State Police shot and killed Fuaed Abdo Ahmed as they stormed the Tensas State Bank building, just before midnight local time, according to Col. Michael Edmonson.

The two hostages, who were both shot by the gunman as police entered the bank, were rushed to local hospitals, Edmonson said.

Police said Ahmed was known to police, and Edmonson described him as a paranoid schizophrenic.

Earlier in the evening, one bank employee was freed, while two of her colleagues remained held at gunpoint.

Born in California, Ahmed moved with his family to northeastern Louisiana, where his family owns a convenience store, Edmonson said.

The Mississippi River community of St. Joseph -- about 35 miles south of Tallulah, Louisiana, and 35 miles north of Natchez, Mississippi -- is the parish seat of Tensas Parish, which has about 5,000 people.

After word got out about the hostage situation, local, state and federal law enforcement agents descended on the quiet community.

Law enforcement agents were able to talk to the hostages. They also spoke with the gunman.

Edmonson said he talked to, and prayed with, relatives of the hostages.

Asked earlier Tuesday by CNN what she'd tell the gunman, Netterville said, "I would say, 'Let the people go, just let them go.'"

"'Don't harm anyone. Whatever your situation is, you're better off if you just let the hostages go and then let us deal with you, in whatever way we'll deal with you.'"

CNN's Alina Machado and Joe Sutton contributed to this report.