Georgia Piedmont receives Significant Gift from Honda

8/7/2013, 11:09 a.m.
Dr. Jabari Simama, President, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, faculty and students thank American Honda Motor Company for their generous donation ...
(Photo by Georgia Piedmont Technical College).

Clarkston, Ga. -- Dr. Jabari Simama, President, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, faculty and students thank American Honda Motor Company for their generous donation of twelve motorcycles that will be used exclusively for training of the students in the college’s national award winning Motorcycle Division. American Honda representative Jeremy Taylor told the students Honda was very pleased to donate the motorcycles to such an outstanding program as the Georgia Piedmont’s Motorcycle Service Technology Department. He told them there were plenty of jobs available for skilled technicians such as those graduating from Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

“American Honda is pleased to have Honda based products become part of the training curriculum at Georgia Piedmont. We are encouraged to see students who are interested in Motorcycle Repair techniques and hope the CB125T's will assist in providing the students the experience necessary to be successful in the mechanical repair of Honda motorcycles,” stated Mr. William Hanson, Manager of Honda's Motorcycle Communications and Training Office.

The donation of twelve motorcycles from American Honda Motor Company will provide special training for students enrolled in the one-year Motorcycle Mechanics course at Georgia Piedmont Technical College. The students will begin breaking down the bikes to learn of their mechanical and technical make up.

“This contribution is a tremendous gift that affords more of our students in the Motorcycle Service Technology program an exceptional opportunity for continued skills development, and, to simultaneously receive hands-on training that is so crucial to their success in the motorcycle repair industry,” stated President Simama. “Contributions, such as this one from Honda, are critical to our ability to give our students the caliber of training and skill sets necessary to continue to provide the award winning workforce companies have come to expect from us. We cannot thank American Honda Motor Company enough for selecting Georgia Piedmont as the benefactor of their generosity.”

The bikes are CB125T’s; a model of bike never sold in the United States and was previously used at Honda sponsored rider training programs. Because the bikes are being retired and replaced with a more current model, students have a unique opportunity to compare the technological and mechanical differences found in domestic and international models of the company’s products, identify modifications between former and current models as well as study variances between retail and non-retail, training bikes.

Prior to this gift, Honda and other motorcycle manufacturers have given Georgia Piedmont bikes and curriculum materials. This is the first time, however, that the college has received a large number of the same kind of bike at one time. “This is great!” states Mike Sachs, head of the college’s award winning program. “Being able to write some lessons around these bikes, with all the students doing the same thing at the same time is going to be a treat, especially for my beginning students.” Mr. Sachs says his students will first perform maintenance and repairs on the bikes and then completely disassemble them and use the bike’s components for overhaul training.

The Motorcycle Mechanics course at Georgia Piedmont emphasizes a combination of mechanical theory and practical experience. The course includes classes in basic skills, maintenance, engines, chassis systems, electrical systems, fuel systems and internship experience. Within 18 months of completing the course, a good motorcycle mechanic can earn around $35 thousand a year. With hard work, he/she can double that within a few years.