“Why are black men frequently reluctant to see a doctor?”

Compiled by Vincent Christie in the Castleberry Hill district | 4/12/2013, noon

Monique Terrell


“It’s not just black men. It’s an African-American community issue and a lot of it has to do with communication.... There are a lot of myths that still exist pertaining to health. I think that kind of wards off a lot of people to preventative health.”

Cornelius Savage


“The reason men don’t go to the doctor, not so much black men but [all] men, is a general reluctancy to admit something is wrong. To go to the doctor is to say that there is something wrong with me physically that I can’t suck up and muscle through...”

Tamica Moon


“I think the reason why black males don’t go to the doctor is because they don’t have a woman in their life... Usually women are the ones to make sure that everyone in the family is healthy... [Men] need a strong woman present in their life...”