Reflections: A distorted life

2/29/2012, 11:52 a.m.
By now many, if not most, of us are tired of hearing, reading and seeing things related to Whitney Houston, ...

By now many, if not most, of us are tired of hearing, reading and seeing things related to Whitney Houston, the sadness of the tragedy notwithstanding. But I have a few more thoughts to express.

First of all, I feel a lot of compassion for Bobbi Kristina Brown. She seems to be a very nice young lady (she’s 18 now) but only God (and Bobby Brown) know what she saw and heard in that household.

No kid should be subjected to such things. In addition, now her every move will be followed and every action scrutinized.

Secondly, it is wrong to blame Bobby Brown for what happened. Geraldo Rivera, someone I have always liked, went so far as to refer to him as “the devil.” Truth is, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were birds of a feather.

And thirdly, we could have done without Ray J’s theatrics at the homegoing service. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with his own reality TV show, especially taking into account his extremely explicit sex video with former girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Ray J (real name: Ray Norwood Jr.) apparently prefers high profile ladies which, no doubt, is beneficial to his career.

COUNT ME in among those who are not the least bit surprised that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been working together (two songs). Not saying they will become a couple again, but despite what happened three years ago, I knew something was still there. Rihanna was honest and defiant when she said, “No pain is forever,” adding, “Don’t like it, don’t listen.” The forgiving attitude of Rihanna has disappointed and angered a lot of women, which is understandable, but people do what they feel is right for them, and it’s nobody’s business but theirs anyway. According to famed bandleader/musician Rickey Minor, the five necessary ingredients for success in show business are talent, desire, discipline, patience and “fire inside.” In his excellent book, “No Traffic on the Extra Mile,” Minor says, “If you happen to succeed despite missing one of these fundamental attributes, let me give this advice: Enjoy it for the moment because your time in the spotlight will be short-lived.” FANS OF the Marvelettes waited more than two decades for the Motown group’s last four albums — “The Marvelettes,” “Sophisticated Soul,” “In Full Bloom” and “The Return of the Marvelettes” — to become available on CD. That finally became a reality on Dec. 13, 2011, a deluxe box set titled “The Marvelettes, Forever More: The Complete Motown Albums.” However, it was not available for purchase, in its entirety or for individual songs, on iTunes. But now that too has changed. (I started buying songs immediately.) MATHEW KNOWLES, father of Beyoncé and former manager of his daughter and Destiny’s Child, teaches a course called “The Recording Industry” at the Texas Southern University School of Communication. It is located in Houston which is where the Knowles are from. “Teaching and mentoring young adults is one of my passions,” said Knowles. Beyoncé, by the way, was given the title “Queen of Pop” at the huge Glastonbury Music Festival in the United Kingdom. It’s hard to understand how Chris Tucker could have possibly allowed himself to end up owing the federal government approximately $12 million in back taxes. White R&B singer Robin Thicke was arrested recently in New York for possession of marijuana. However, the arresting officers were excited to meet the star, so after the official business was taken care of, they asked for autographs and took pictures with Thicke. Wow, talk about show business spilling over into real life! MEMORIES: “Love Hangover” (Diana Ross), “It’s All Right” (the Impressions), “I Need Love” (LL Cool J), “Last Dance” (Donna Summer), “Addictive Love” (BeBe and CeCe Winans), “Hello” (Lionel Richie), “Let’s Work” (Prince), “When We Get Married” (Larry Graham), “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Thelma Houston), “Caught Up in the Rapture” (Anita Baker). BLESSINGS to Stella Walker, Craig Monroe, R.J. Watkins, Stefanie White, Henry Fambrough, Lavonia Perryman, Mario Morrrow, Wade Briggs, Caroline Crawford, Henry Tyler and Donnie Simpson. WORDS OF THE WEEK, from Paul McCartney: “You’ve got to get it just in case it doesn’t come around again.” Let the music play! (Steve Holsey can be reached at Svh517@aol.com and PO Box 02843, Detroit, MI 48202.)